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I threw a party at my place in the cascades this weekend. 50 or so drunken 20-somethings getting wasted in the middle of the mountains. Much fun was had and the damage was not too severe with exception of someone jacking my stereo system and taking an axe to the front garage.

Chels going in for the kill

Most of these pics were of people who got there somewhat early because I lost my camera during the night (later found on a pile of vomit!)

Erica and Darren

Elizabeth by the fire pit (still surprised that the house was not burnt down).

My first kill of the night.

Rick and the return of the super grandpa shirt.


Starr, my sister came. She is not spanish, I promise.

Jarred brought his hookah. All we needed was a giant catepillar.

Erin and I.



Starr and Jason.

Chelsea will get her love...

Rick keeping the fire stocked.


Jarred and I. Notice the delicious vomit on my shoulder.

Nate finally showed up.

Scary scary.

More hookah fun.

Myself, rick, and Erin.

The onslaught of Chelsea kissing girls pics!

Andrew, Zack, and Starr

Erin and Nate

Erica, Darren, and Hope

Hangover goodness.

Elizabeth and her mutant baby.

Erin awaking from her coma

Rick, not feeling super anymore.

Oh Good god.

Woke up to clean and there was a deer right out by the porch.

Thanks to Erin, Elizabeth, Chels, Erica, Rick, and everyone else who stayed behind and helped clean!

And here are some drunk doodles that I found while cleaning up (and a couple sober ones)...

By Erica

By ?

By Erica

By Elizabeth. What the hell?

By Chelsea

By Owen

I hate his movies.

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